Enjoy the break!

Hope the holiday brings you lots of time for friends and family, good books, good movies, good food, and time to relax.? For Macaulay students studying abroad, keep blogging and let us enjoy vicariously through your travels!

MONDAY JUNE 1 almost here!

900a????? Macaulay Class of 2009 gathers at W 67th for robes, pix, and assembles for procession, led by Prof. Roni Natov 1000a??? Convocation begins at Alice Tully Hall! We will be joined by Chairman of the Board of Trustees of CUNY Benno Schmidt, Chancellor Matthew Goldstein, President Morales of CSI, President Waldron of Baruch, President […]


macaulayarts2Macaulay Arts Night An extraordinary week at Macaulay:? Wednesday was the second

Visiting UT Austin

Plan II Honors College is a 75-year old program, a bit older than Macaulay!? I visited with the founders of the program as well as its current administrators.? Watch out…I am coming back with


Last night’s Dean’s Dinner was a full house. Marc Donner gave a wonderful talk about the personal and professional decisions that led him to Google. Thanks to him and also to David Bauer, who introduced