Ding, dong, the #SAT is…not quite dead. My 2 cents on where College Board and Coleman got it right, plus a roll-up of some press.

He'll be blamed for doing too much, for doing too little, and for thinking that he can swap the Darth Vader cloak of the College Board for the Technicolor Dreamcoat of Sal Khan. But really, let's give a major t/h to David Coleman for acknowledging … [Continue reading]

One thousand to-lists later, and @Beesy is a close miss. Can’t somebody build a better to-do manager?

I know i'm not alone in struggling to find a good way to manage my project lists, everything from the big ongoing stuff to the daily to-do. I know I'm not alone because I've read endless articles about getting organized. And tried dozens of … [Continue reading]

I am sincerely sorry to miss the first snowstorm of 2014. Really.

Fearing that my flight to Florida to visit my folks would be cancelled, I left yesterday. And so, thanks Jet Blue, here I sit, 62 degrees at 8am, devouring every word and image of the storm. NYC is never more beautiful than in the snow. And I miss … [Continue reading]

The fine art of UNFINISHING, or why I still like MOOCs.

I intend to run for 30 minutes today.  But it is hot and I stop at 25. I pick up the latest issue of The Economist, drink deeply of an article on Mandela's legacy, marvel at a stimulating reconsideration of Ozymandias, enjoy a pointed editorial … [Continue reading]

My Carrie would never be Istanbul bureau chief. Why I am still grousing about #Homeland finale.

Homeland should have ended with Brody's death and some lingering close-up on our Carrie and her dark future:  pregnant, out of work, her relationships shredded. The show itself could have ended there, and that would have been fine with me.  But if … [Continue reading]

The weekend ends with great sorrow at the loss of Isaiah O’Kane, Hunter ’17.

We are deeply sorry to share the sad news that a beloved member of our community, Isaiah O'Kane, Hunter '17, died today from a serious subway accident that occurred on Saturday.  We all mourn this untimely passing of a wonderful young man. We will … [Continue reading]

Family chef bows to peer pressure and prepares two kinds of latkes. Here’s my annotated menu. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meatballs (Lois' famous recipe) Garlic knots (only in NYC where pizza dough is available on every corner) Crudities (so I can devour the hummus)  ~~~~~~~~~ Roasted cauliflower/baby arugula/radicchio with smoked salmon on 7 grain … [Continue reading]

It’s good to be home.

Every since LADY AT THE OK CORRAL was published in March, 2013, I have been on the road at least several times a month.  I've been up and down the west coast, east coast, and a lot of stops in between.  I'm happily grounded now, at least for a while. … [Continue reading]

I love to vote. But the process is killing my love. Give me ten innovations to fix this ridiculous system.

1.  I walk in, and someone has to look up the right district?  table?  for me to vote in. How about a big old sign -- a blackboard -- a cheerful map!  That links the house or apartment building with the right place. 2.  Now that I'm looking at … [Continue reading]

Five things I learned from Red Burns

1.  Nobody Knows.  As in, where is technology going?  Since nobody knows, keep asking questions, keep experimenting, keep moving in the same step-by-step direction known to all good entrepreneurs.  The solutions -- rarely obvious -- will … [Continue reading]