Summer camp with Earps, 1883 in Hunter’s Hot Springs…or is it?

Look familiar?  I found this at the BBC, but I don’t know the source. I liked Kevin Connolly’s take on the photo, though he does not identify its provenance.  I’ll be looking on the Earpian listservs to see who first verifies or debunks the cast of characters. Virgil Earp, for instance?  Unlikely.  Of course, not […]

Kushner and Kirschner together again….sort of…..

Coming soon to Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida — a great place to visit in February! — is Arlene Hutton’s Letters to Sala, based on my book, Sala’s Gift. Arlene (aka Beth Lincks), directed by Eric Nightengale. I will be there as Scholar in Residence from February 11 to 14.  Here’s more info on […]

Ultimate word cloud….try Wordle! Oh no! there went another hour!

Podcast: Reading Little Dorrit on the iPad; or, I read Dickens FIVE WAYS

NPR updated my answer to the question I asked last year: Do I love reading or do I love books? Here’s the Chronicle of Higher Education original article, and the one I just published on the iPad: Reading Dickens Four Ways (2009) My iPad Day (2010) Check out this Judy Jetson illustration that accompanied the […]

Better than the last LOST: San Francisco in 1906…but maybe not better than 24.

I share the common opinion that LOST lost it after the first year, though I have remained sort of loyal for all these years.  But not with the devotion I have to 24.  Those writers knew something about character and how we attach to it.  Jack Bauer has unfolded bit by bit over the years, […]