Who was your Fletcher? I’m listening to Charlie Parker and thinking about #Whiplash. You must see it.

I bet we have all had a Fletcher, someone who wanted the best from us. Or is it someone who wanted the best and got it in the worst way? Or is it someone who had absolutely no idea what our best was….and was just a sadistic bastard? I have had a few Fletchers in […]

Top 10 things to listen while beach walking and you don’t have a great audiobook* This is the summer of Swell.

I usually listen to audiobooks while walking in solitary happiness on the beaches of Fire Island.  Look — i took this picture this morning, isn’t it beautiful?   So far this summer, I’ve finished Emma, Decode, and The Fault in Our Stars.  (Go ahead, analyze me.)  But I needed a break after that remarkable trio. […]

The fine art of UNFINISHING, or why I still like MOOCs.

I intend to run for 30 minutes today.  But it is hot and I stop at 25. I pick up the latest issue of The Economist, drink deeply of an article on Mandela’s legacy, marvel at a stimulating reconsideration of Ozymandias, enjoy a pointed editorial welcoming Bulgarians to the UK.  And then I flip aggressively […]

Am I the last person to have heard about purple squirrels? Where has that concept been all my life?

If you’re as ignorant as I am, and you google purple squirrel, and you get past the silly sightings of real violet-colored animals who might have gotten into the color copiers….or who are victims of hydraulic fracking….or are related to something truly disgusting about the GI tracts of heroin users…. You will see at least […]

I went looking for signs of positive change in higher education, and found too few. #macaulayhonors #highereducation

This week’s Chronicle of Higher Education.

Could Prague have been more wonderful?

The publication of SALA’S GIFT in Czech was a cause for celebration; that I was there to celebrate in Prague made it all the more wonderful. I had a wonderful three days of meetings and interviews through the efforts of Mlada Fronta, my Czech publisher.  I loved working with Tony Koci and Magdalena Potměšilová. We […]

Best e-book and web developer in town happens to be Matt Stine: read how he made R.L.Stine even scarier on Kindle! http://bit.ly/qcE3ME #ereading

Next tune-in for Chef Elisabeth on Food Network: AUG 11 9P ET ~ AUG 12 12A ET ~ Aug 18 7P ET #Chopped

Here’s where Twitter writing is useful training. As I edited this, knowing it would feed Twitter, I reduced and reduced….like, I don’t need a headline that alerts “Anyone who missed Chopped!” And who needs both PT and ET?  Can’t you add/subtract? And who needs PM when you can say P? Now I did draw the […]

Peter Weinberg’s first published article….why not start with an op-ed in The New York Times?

I think I’d be laughing my head off even if it hadn’t been written by my son. Check it Peter’s article about moving home after college.  Funny that with all my affection for e-reading, we all got an extra jolt of delight that it was published in the REAL PRINT NYT, Review page 7, right […]

Kushner and Kirschner together again….sort of…..

Letters to Sala by Arlene Hutton will open at Rollins College on February 11, 2011…and Tony Kushner will be there a few months later.  OK, so we’re not exactly on the same page, but we’re close!  Either way, I’d love to see you in  Winter Park Florida. I will be there as Scholar in Residence […]