Perfect pitch at Yankee Stadium

Dylan’s first baseball game. The weather was glorious. Got to shake hands and congratulate Manuel Espinoza, who rode American Pharaoh to Triple Crown victory the day before. Had the best hot dog ever. And oh yes, the Yankees won, 5 – 2! Expecting something profound from me? Nah, just celebrating a happy Sunday to remember. […]

Who was your Fletcher? I’m listening to Charlie Parker and thinking about #Whiplash. You must see it.

I bet we have all had a Fletcher, someone who wanted the best from us. Or is it someone who wanted the best and got it in the worst way? Or is it someone who had absolutely no idea what our best was….and was just a sadistic bastard? I have had a few Fletchers in […]

My Carrie would never be Istanbul bureau chief. Why I am still grousing about #Homeland finale.

Homeland should have ended with Brody’s death and some lingering close-up on our Carrie and her dark future:  pregnant, out of work, her relationships shredded. The show itself could have ended there, and that would have been fine with me.  But if we are to have the promise of another season, let’s get real about […]

A revelation of an exhibit: don’t miss Inventing Abstraction at MOMA.

I can’t remember the last time I was whiplashed (in a good way) by a brilliant museum show.  Alas, I never studied art history.  So I never gave much thought to the question of how we got from Vermeer to Mondrian.  It is a revelation to think about how abstraction is rooted in the context […]

Why Matisse repeated himself, and other stimulating questions at the Metropolitan Museum.

First Saturday night of the year for us at the Metropolitan Museum, great combo of the new Matisse exhibition and dinner upstairs, where I always sort of like being among the younger crowd in the room. Sometimes, thematic exhibitions seem like smart ways to disguise the fact that you’re exploring not the master’s greatest hits, […]

Jon Hamm! Mick Jagger! Who knew they were so funny @SNL?

Reminded me too of my almost-appearance on 10K Pyramid, back in the day.  I’m sure they whacked me when I used the word “mote” for “moat” and cited Tennyson in the interview.  Really dumb.  It was my favorite game show and I LOVED game shows. Wonder if the SNL writers hesitated to parody Dick Clark […]

As a doctor’s wife and doctor’s mother, I loved this online course in biology, suitable for St. Patrick’s day. #macaulayhonors

I learned a lot!  

1015am report from Central Park UWS: Trees still standing! I refuse to be disappointed! #Macaulay not flooded! Hope we get good news from #FireIsland.

Next tune-in for Chef Elisabeth on Food Network: AUG 11 9P ET ~ AUG 12 12A ET ~ Aug 18 7P ET #Chopped

Here’s where Twitter writing is useful training. As I edited this, knowing it would feed Twitter, I reduced and reduced….like, I don’t need a headline that alerts “Anyone who missed Chopped!” And who needs both PT and ET?  Can’t you add/subtract? And who needs PM when you can say P? Now I did draw the […]

Count down to Chef Elisabeth on Chopped! Gee, I hope she doesn’t get a human foot….

Really, it happened.  Ok, so it didn’t.  But this spoof made me laugh and then made me even more nervous for my daughter’s debut on Food Network tomorrow. That’s tomorrow, Aug 2, at 10p.  Watch, cheer, pray! Go, Chef Elisabeth!