The truth about Apple and audiobooks

This story does not (yet) end happily. I knew I’d buy an Apple watch…but my rationalization was that it would consolidate my other wearables for audiobooks and fitness. For books, I’d buy the watch so I could finally give up my ancient and beloved Apple Nano, which I had already replaced several times on Ebay. […]

Top 10 things to listen while beach walking and you don’t have a great audiobook* This is the summer of Swell.

I usually listen to audiobooks while walking in solitary happiness on the beaches of Fire Island.  Look — i took this picture this morning, isn’t it beautiful?   So far this summer, I’ve finished Emma, Decode, and The Fault in Our Stars.  (Go ahead, analyze me.)  But I needed a break after that remarkable trio. […]

First interesting #NYTBR in ages…especially @JohnSchwartz on Ready Player One audiobook!

Which I just happened to finish a few weeks ago, and loved from beginning to end.  I nearly spilled my breakfast coffee this morning reading Schwartz’s article, as I assumed that I was some rare adult fan of Ernest Cline’s weird and wonderful comic dystopia, a world set mostly in a videogame.  I enjoyed the […]

Reconstituting the Ivy League in the 21st century? Nice shoutout to Fathom from Tamar Lewin @NYT. #highered

Today’s NYT coverage of the Harvard/MIT announcement. I am remembering a 2001 0r 2002 interview with a Yale student newspaper on whether Fathom was a success or failure. What year are you in? I asked the young woman.  If you had left college as a first-year student, would we call you a failure, or would […]

My daughter heard about Whitney Houston from a Ugandan taxi driver who drove her from Kampala to Kyabirwa. “It’s a global village,” he said. #Whitneyhouston