Slavery is not a metaphor for my family

Here is the letter that my Aunt Raizel wrote to my mother, Sala, when she first discovered that Sala was alive.  We will read it tonight at our seder.  Raizel was writing from Karlstad, Sweden, where she and other survivors were taken to recuperate after liberation. Sala was in Ansbach, Germany.  They exchanged many letters […]

@CShirkey had the right idea about stimulating innovation in higher ed. Most academics I know don’t like shortcuts, though: they prefer to “show your work!” #thecollegeproject

“Do not put together an interdisciplinary team from 12 departments and give them a budget of a quarter of a million dollars, and a year and a half deadline. Find five people and ask them what can you do in a month—for free. I think the results will surprise you.”

A love letter to @plibin. @pachikov. The secret story of how I wrote a book in four years and 2,279 @evernote.

Dear Phil Libin, I hope it’s ok if I call you Phil, since I have been your secret admirer since October 2008.  And I hope it’s ok to write you a love letter.  (I received official dispensation from my husband of nearly 40 years.) I am the proud owner-writer-aggregator of 2,279 Evernotes. Most of them […]

Welcome back, @Macaulayhonors students.

As we head back to our classes and offices and homes, nothing feels quite “normal.” Hurricane Sandy brought tragedy to some families, upheaval to others, and a morass of inconvenience to all.  Our priorities have been shaken up.  That’s a good thing: the people and projects that matter most to us are suddenly revealed with […]

I had the thought that I might get to #Saltaire this weekend. Wrong. Here’s the letter from the #FireIsland National Seashore.

Don’t miss Mario’s quote at the end! FIA-FINS Storm Update #2—October 31, 2012 FIA and FINS have prepared the following storm update for the FIA Board and the members of your respective communities. Once again, please be advised that the situation on the Island is evolving, and the information we provide is always subject to […]

Who invented footnotes? Cursed be the name(s).

A splendid example of procrastination!  I combined two enjoyable things at once:  discovered who invented footnotes (read a review about Anthony Grafton’s history of footnotes), all while delaying checking some more footnotes. And all while occasionally looking out the window at a glorious Saltaire day and wishing I wasn’t indoors working on, yes, more footnotes. […]

Here’s what you SHOULD read about the Showdown in Charlottesville.

A thought-provoking and nuanced discussion of the role of trustees and the complexities of university governance in a time of change.

This is one shout-out that I can’t enjoy. I’m a sad @U VA alum.

In case you aren’t a Chronicle subscriber, here’s the relevant portion from today’s article — and why are we reading trustees’ private emails?? On June 10, Ms. Sullivan and the board announced her resignation. Among the articles that Ms. Dragas and Mr. Kington shared was an opinion piece that appeared in The Chronicle, expressing the need […]

Great progress on one of my favorite places, @GovernorsIsland.

Water, electricity, and a hammock grove — who could ask for anything more?

As a doctor’s wife and doctor’s mother, I loved this online course in biology, suitable for St. Patrick’s day. #macaulayhonors

I learned a lot!