Stephen King, do a Taylor Swift on Apple books!

Last week, Taylor Swift stared down Apple and stood up for the artists.  Didn’t take long, Apple backed down.  Rather cheerfully, I thought.  So big win for Taylor Swift and artists, and two bits for Apple. I’ve written before about frustration with Apple watch and Audible…wish we were getting the books for free (as Apple […]

Who was your Fletcher? I’m listening to Charlie Parker and thinking about #Whiplash. You must see it.

I bet we have all had a Fletcher, someone who wanted the best from us. Or is it someone who wanted the best and got it in the worst way? Or is it someone who had absolutely no idea what our best was….and was just a sadistic bastard? I have had a few Fletchers in […]

Two ends of my holiday table. #Passover

Two ends of my holiday table:  one spans nine decades, the other is approaching just nine weeks. These are the new guests at my Passover celebration tonight:  my new grandbaby and my parents, now 90 and 92.     We took note of the unexpected similarities between them.  They are much loved, and they couldn’t […]

One thousand to-lists later, and @Beesy is a close miss. Can’t somebody build a better to-do manager?

I know i’m not alone in struggling to find a good way to manage my project lists, everything from the big ongoing stuff to the daily to-do. I know I’m not alone because I’ve read endless articles about getting organized. And tried dozens of methods, from Outlook to…. See? I’m so scattered: just writing about […]

I am sincerely sorry to miss the first snowstorm of 2014. Really.

Fearing that my flight to Florida to visit my folks would be cancelled, I left yesterday. And so, thanks Jet Blue, here I sit, 62 degrees at 8am, devouring every word and image of the storm. NYC is never more beautiful than in the snow. And I miss the solidarity of family, colleagues, friends, the […]

I love to vote. But the process is killing my love. Give me ten innovations to fix this ridiculous system.

1.  I walk in, and someone has to look up the right district?  table?  for me to vote in. How about a big old sign — a blackboard — a cheerful map!  That links the house or apartment building with the right place. 2.  Now that I’m looking at ballots with six decades of service […]

NO MISSION, NO MARGIN. Even nonprofits have to eat.

I like this “Red Hat for Linux” thinking out of EdX. Haven’t tried one of their courses, but I am inspired to do so now. Any recommendations?

Three days after #Gravity, 5 things I’m still thinking about.

1.  Biblical Everywoman, Ryan as AdamEve.  When she rises from the mud at the end of the movie, struggling to shrug off gravity, she is no longer the woman who was ready to die, she is reborn.  But we are reminded to honor the cycle:  Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 2. […]

Peaceful and productive conversation at Macaulay.

Many thanks to the 40 or so students and alumni who came to an open forum last week. Our conversation ranged from the seminar taught by Professor Petraeus to the values of the College and the privileges received by its students. Despite the substance of the conversation, the deepest connection in the room was to […]

Professor David Petraeus meets Macaulay

Dr. Petraeus visited Macaulay for the first time today, meeting with staff, students, and faculty.  I was asked by several students, “How did this come about?” and so here is the story. Chancellor Matthew Goldstein was introduced to David Petraeus, who was interested in teaching undergraduates, with the thought that he might be interested in […]