I just love being right. Early, yes, but that’s the thing about pioneering. Timing is everything. Fathom showed the way. #highered #macaulay

Harvard, MIT Announce Online Learning Partnership   By DENISE LAVOIE Associated Press CAMBRIDGE, Mass. May 2, 2012 (AP)   Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have joined forces to offer free online courses in a project aimed at attracting millions of online learners around the world, the universities announced Wednesday. Beginning this fall, a […]

I’m dreaming DPLA…but first, let’s kill all the acronyms! @dpla @macaulayhonors

                GO DAVID FERRIERO! Quote of the day:  I want every stinking piece of this collection digitized,” Mr. Ferriero said. “I want it available to the world 24 hours a day.” No mere mortal can search across the nation’s rich archival and book databases, and life’s too short […]

Best e-book and web developer in town happens to be Matt Stine: read how he made R.L.Stine even scarier on Kindle! http://bit.ly/qcE3ME #ereading

Jobs on Apple’s DNA: “Technology married with liberal arts.”

It’s in Apple’s DNA that “technology alone is not enough.  It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.”  Then he illustrated this idea with a street sign at an imagined intersection between Technology and the Liberal Arts.  Steven Johnson says in the WSJ:  “He […]

Congrats to Smarthistory, one of TIME’s best websites of 2011! http://ti.me/oihfpC


Can you say F*A*T*H*O*M? Online learning coming of age, nice new iteration at Stanford: 58,000 Taking Course on AI: http://nyti.ms/pam4ni

You can still see the exhaust fumes at FATHOM. We were so on the right track. Take another bow, fellow Fathomites!

What happens what you can’t judge a book by its cover? My latest e-reading thoughts, http://bit.ly/mjNkNT

and if you are motivated to read some other articles I wrote on this subject: More “For the Love of Reading,” with Brooke Gladstone, “On the Media,” WNYC-NPR, July 2, 2010 (podcast). My iPAD day, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 18, 2010 How do you read your books? Romana Koval interviews Ann Kirschner for “the […]

K is for Kosher, or Kurnit, or Keeper

My fabled friends Scott Kurnit and Tola Murphy-Baran have taken off the wraps of a new venture, AdKeepers. Cool concept; click on K on an ad and save it automatically.  Say you’re shopping for a car and want to save the Ford ads for later….or you’re not quite ready to clip a coupon yet. I […]

Earthlink strikes again! Serves me right for being Earthlink’s last customer! They won’t let me go! Amex to the rescue!

what?  you’re still using Earthlink?  Well, reader, I was. But I thought I had written the last chapter of this 15 year saga when I finally cancelled my service on June 28.  Earthlink Sam even gave me a cancellation number, which, thanks to my iPad, Penultimate, and Evernote, and my blog entry to commemorate this […]

Don’t look now

From all those people looking into screens rather than ahead, around, behind them, we can conclude that something superior  is right there on the screen.  Why would any dumb text message seem more interesting than real life? Gary Shteyngart’s publicity is turned up way high, but everything I’ve read about him and by him is […]