Greatest fireworks of all time…ok, maybe second best. And here’s why.

I think of fireworks as visually thrilling, but last night’s spectacular lights over the Great South Bay added another unexpected sense:  SOUND. Watching from a rooftop deck in Saltaire, Fire Island, we were so close to the barge in the bay that we could hear every hiss and sizzle and pow-snap-pow as if the explosions […]

It’s just a house. It’s just a house. It’s just a house.

That’s so you’ll know I’m not one of those people with screwed up priorities.  That said, Saltaire, Fire Island is where my children grew up, where my family laughed its way through 25 summers, where I welcomed colleagues from the NFL to Fathom to Macaulay, and where I wrote two books. So when I got […]

When the bay meets the ocean, and then recedes, it leaves fish, crabs, and sandy bikes behind. Could have been so much worse.

Big sigh of relief for Saltaire. This photo was shared by scyounger on Twitter.

1015am report from Central Park UWS: Trees still standing! I refuse to be disappointed! #Macaulay not flooded! Hope we get good news from #FireIsland.

It’s only a house. So she says, heaving a deep sigh of concern. #fireisland

I’m not thumbing my nose at Hurricane Irene, but I am still on Fire Island. #saltaire

The evacuation order has been given for Saturday morning; I’ll be well out of here by then.  Unless I get too spooked by the helicopters (there is one now clickety-clacking overhead right now), I will be on the 430p ferry today, Friday, and back in NYC by dinner time. I remember two previous hurricanes threatening […]

Don’t look now

From all those people looking into screens rather than ahead, around, behind them, we can conclude that something superior  is right there on the screen.  Why would any dumb text message seem more interesting than real life? Gary Shteyngart’s publicity is turned up way high, but everything I’ve read about him and by him is […]


I thought I knew how to communicate reasonably well….but lately there’s a nanosecond delay while I sort out the appropriate narrative mode. For instance, on today’s usual morning run, Harold and I were shocked to see the ocean breach just west of Kismet.? Made the Burma road ( our local term for the dirt portion […]