Dead malls would make great tech incubators.

There have been a spate of articles lately about dead shopping malls.  Here’s one from Green Acres. I’m a little too old to have been a teenage mall rat.  For me, the Nanuet Mall will always be the monster that ate the cute little town of Spring Valley, New York, where teenage me admired the […]

Twitter makes me lazy. #TEDXCUNY

It’s so easy to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I mean, they don’t make me lazy, really, I do that to myself, but they do enable the soundbite that defeats any attempt at nuance or a complex message. So I’m inspired by today’s FIRST TEDX@CUNY conference to post my opening remarks.  I also do that […]

Five things I learned from Red Burns

1.  Nobody Knows.  As in, where is technology going?  Since nobody knows, keep asking questions, keep experimenting, keep moving in the same step-by-step direction known to all good entrepreneurs.  The solutions — rarely obvious — will emerge. 2.  Technology doesn’t matter, people do.  Technology is always in service of human needs, like services for the disabled. […]

A Father’s Day salute to Paul Soros: a remarkable man, brilliant and kind and compassionate.

Here’s the NYT obituary with the sad news that Paul died yesterday, and some details about his distinguished career.  On top of his engineering genius, which transformed ports and shipping all over the world, he was an Olympic skier and tennis player?  And a Hungarian refugee from the Nazis?  Passport forger and entrepreneur?  Hard to imagine […]

That Earp Curse! I hope it didn’t follow me to Santa Barbara.

Leaving beautiful Santa Barbara this morning.  Never thought of it as setting for one of my favorite dystopia films, though Day One:  Saw the wild fires as soon as we landed, those beautiful mountains wreathed in black smoke.  By the time I arrived at the hotel, the staff was busily sweeping ash off the outdoor […]

A revelation of an exhibit: don’t miss Inventing Abstraction at MOMA.

I can’t remember the last time I was whiplashed (in a good way) by a brilliant museum show.  Alas, I never studied art history.  So I never gave much thought to the question of how we got from Vermeer to Mondrian.  It is a revelation to think about how abstraction is rooted in the context […]