My daughter heard about Whitney Houston from a Ugandan taxi driver who drove her from Kampala to Kyabirwa. “It’s a global village,” he said. #Whitneyhouston

Moon over Manhattan, 1.7.12 at 5pm on the reservoir, more like spring than January. #Pacifica quartet


Who knew I could love Nixon? Don’t miss some of my favorite Macaulay students on Thirteen.

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La Traviata, champagne with new bubbles

There was some booing last night, when director Willy Decker came on stage…but not a lot.  Good thing, because this is the most exciting Traviata in years. I could write two reviews of last night’s New Year’s Eve premiere of La Traviata. My opera partner Charlie and I were there with six opera novices, who […]

Matinee momma

Matinee vs. evening performance?  I’ve been going to the Metropolitan Opera for a long time, but today happened to be the first time I went in the afternoon.  Took my son and his friend, both home from college, and my husband.  Good thing there was no competing football game. Fantastic!  Instead of my usual cat […]

On tuning the piano

Finally, did it.  I didn’t dare say how long it had been since the piano was tuned, lest I be reported for piano abuse, but the nice tuner man soon restored my piano’s beautiful sound.  Thanks, Clinton Curtis, for embarrassing me into getting this done. I was inspired enough to sit down and try to […]

I never liked sheet music except for the red leather Chopin Ballades that my mother bought for me in Vienna…