Professor David Petraeus meets Macaulay

Dr. Petraeus visited Macaulay for the first time today, meeting with staff, students, and faculty.  I was asked by several students, “How did this come about?” and so here is the story. Chancellor Matthew Goldstein was introduced to David Petraeus, who was interested in teaching undergraduates, with the thought that he might be interested in […]

Why Matisse repeated himself, and other stimulating questions at the Metropolitan Museum.

First Saturday night of the year for us at the Metropolitan Museum, great combo of the new Matisse exhibition and dinner upstairs, where I always sort of like being among the younger crowd in the room. Sometimes, thematic exhibitions seem like smart ways to disguise the fact that you’re exploring not the master’s greatest hits, […]

A message to the Macaulay community

I hope that you and your families are safe. The catastrophe known as Hurricane Sandy has turned all of our lives upside down. Some of you have been more affected than others, but we are all one in having experienced the disruptive force of a natural disaster. I am sure that you will join with […]

Remember the British class structure? Rigid? Unwelcoming? Turns out that it’s US who are getting that way.  12 Sept 2012 Britain: British Schools Offer More Upward Mobility for Students Than American Ones, Report Says By D. D. GUTTENPLAN British schools now do a better job than American schools of lifting students up the social ladder, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in a report published Tuesday. In Britain, a student […]

I just love being right. Early, yes, but that’s the thing about pioneering. Timing is everything. Fathom showed the way. #highered #macaulay

Harvard, MIT Announce Online Learning Partnership   By DENISE LAVOIE Associated Press CAMBRIDGE, Mass. May 2, 2012 (AP)   Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have joined forces to offer free online courses in a project aimed at attracting millions of online learners around the world, the universities announced Wednesday. Beginning this fall, a […]

Macaulay Marauders rock! Figures that they wrote the best cheer ever, listen here: #macaulayhonors

Thanks for the shoutout, Speaker Quinn! #macaulayhonorscollege.

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn delivered her “State of the City Address” at City Hall yesterday and included quite a few favorable references to CUNY, calling for a properly funded University and a residential honors college. I don’t even mind having my name misspelled.  More important to get MACAULAY right! Here’s her reference […]

My interview on Obama’s college debt plan: wish ABC had id’d me as Macaulay as well as CUNY @macaulayhonors

FoodFest 2011: Macaulay building is rocking and cooking all day today! @Macaulayhonors

Congrats to Mike Lamb and the amazing Kenan Fellows! Special thanks to Mimi Sheraton for her workshop on food writing. Now I know why chocolate tastes so great!

1015am report from Central Park UWS: Trees still standing! I refuse to be disappointed! #Macaulay not flooded! Hope we get good news from #FireIsland.