Early days of nfl.com and how I made my first touchdown

OK, so it’s not all about NFL….but I found this today, while looking for something else, and it is a mostly accurate and fun account of how WE BUILT THE INTERNET.  For sports, anyway, move over Al Gore….

Steve Sabol was pretty much the greatest guy at the NFL.

  Because he had the eye of an artist, the soul of a philosopher, and the fearlessness that comes with being the best at what you do. Oh yeah, he was wicked funny too. At NFL Owners meetings, he was the one who refused to rehearse, refused to use PowerPoint, and always said he would […]

Somewhere, i still have NBC’s invitation to the Donna Summers “Last Dance” party at SuperBowl XXX??? when they lost the broadcast rights…was it Sun Devil Stadium in 1995? Anybody else there with me for the first superbowl.com??

Super Bowl makes me nostalgic and hungry. #SuperBowl.

Seven live Super Bowls…some of my favorite moments: Asking head of Broadcasting Val Pinchbeck, the night before the game, if he could add another camera on the field for superbowl.com:  he nearly killed me. Suing, then working with Mark Cuban on the first online audio broadcast, which we did in multiple languages on broadcast.com, or […]

GO GIANTS 2 — here are the very wet fab four @giants

Richard Holbrooke, Marty Glickman, and football in Berlin

I haven’t met that many Ambassadors, which is partly why Richard Holbrooke looms large in my mind.  But it was the circumstances of my dinner with him that was so memorable. I was working at the NFL and attending an exhibition game, Giants v. Chargers, in Berlin.  Holbrooke was Ambassador to Germany.  We had a […]

Do you love disaster movies? Real life is scarier at the Metrodome!

I don’t get it — don’t they know about snow in Minneapolis? I have watched this video about ten times….especially when the snow starts shooting like rockets, just can’t get enough of it.