Happy big birthday and 38th wedding anniversary to my first husband!

When the bay meets the ocean, and then recedes, it leaves fish, crabs, and sandy bikes behind. Could have been so much worse.

Big sigh of relief for Saltaire. This photo was shared by scyounger on Twitter.

I’m not thumbing my nose at Hurricane Irene, but I am still on Fire Island. #saltaire

The evacuation order has been given for Saturday morning; I’ll be well out of here by then.  Unless I get too spooked by the helicopters (there is one now clickety-clacking overhead right now), I will be on the 430p ferry today, Friday, and back in NYC by dinner time. I remember two previous hurricanes threatening […]

Next tune-in for Chef Elisabeth on Food Network: AUG 11 9P ET ~ AUG 12 12A ET ~ Aug 18 7P ET #Chopped

Here’s where Twitter writing is useful training. As I edited this, knowing it would feed Twitter, I reduced and reduced….like, I don’t need a headline that alerts “Anyone who missed Chopped!” And who needs both PT and ET?  Can’t you add/subtract? And who needs PM when you can say P? Now I did draw the […]

Count down to Chef Elisabeth on Chopped! Gee, I hope she doesn’t get a human foot….

Really, it happened.  Ok, so it didn’t.  But this spoof made me laugh and then made me even more nervous for my daughter’s debut on Food Network tomorrow. That’s tomorrow, Aug 2, at 10p.  Watch, cheer, pray! Go, Chef Elisabeth!

Peter Weinberg’s first published article….why not start with an op-ed in The New York Times?

I think I’d be laughing my head off even if it hadn’t been written by my son. Check it Peter’s article about moving home after college.  Funny that with all my affection for e-reading, we all got an extra jolt of delight that it was published in the REAL PRINT NYT, Review page 7, right […]

Peter Weinberg graduates from Middlebury: summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, winner of Catton Prize for senior thesis! Yup, we are intensely proud.

How about those Dungeon boys? A weekend of wonderful events with parents, siblings, friends, faculty.

Do you applaud at movies?

Loved The King’s Speech.  Not too many films run the gamut from soliciting belly laughs to cheers and tears. But I was informed by my daughter that applause at movies was one of her pet peeves.  I hope she took my enthusiastic clapping as more mischievous than mean. I liked her explanation of “pet peeves” […]

Olive does NOT like snow

STEP TWO: OLIVE TO ANN;  DO I HAVE TO? See that beseeching look?  I mean, it’s cold, it’s wet, there’s salt on the street….. STEP THREE:  NO I WILL NOT! So that is what 96th street looks like?  You want me to go all the up to Central Park?  For my benefit?  To play?  Don’t […]

Matinee momma

Matinee vs. evening performance?  I’ve been going to the Metropolitan Opera for a long time, but today happened to be the first time I went in the afternoon.  Took my son and his friend, both home from college, and my husband.  Good thing there was no competing football game. Fantastic!  Instead of my usual cat […]