Social media killed my blog

As in, I don’t post much here anymore.  My observations on the general state of the world have devolved into quick hits on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.  I don’t have too much use for Instagram or Snap, though I do aspire to experiment with Slack. If I have something more important to think about, something […]

Perfect pitch at Yankee Stadium

Dylan’s first baseball game. The weather was glorious. Got to shake hands and congratulate Manuel Espinoza, who rode American Pharaoh to Triple Crown victory the day before. Had the best hot dog ever. And oh yes, the Yankees won, 5 – 2! Expecting something profound from me? Nah, just celebrating a happy Sunday to remember. […]

Family chef bows to peer pressure and prepares two kinds of latkes. Here’s my annotated menu. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meatballs (Lois’ famous recipe) Garlic knots (only in NYC where pizza dough is available on every corner) Crudities (so I can devour the hummus)  ~~~~~~~~~ Roasted cauliflower/baby arugula/radicchio with smoked salmon on 7 grain bread  ~~~~~~~~~~ carrot soup/potato crisps (memories of Sea Cloud voyage, circa 1992) ~~~~~~~~~~~ TURKEY (actually two turkeys, since we are 24 […]

Before they were victims, they were a family.

So wrote my daughter Caroline, when she posted this picture.  We have had many a serious and sometimes contentious conversation about the unbearable weight of history carried by these pictures, and their best and highest purpose. I could not be more proud of her honesty and eloquence here.  I know where Sala’s Gift has continued […]

Greatest fireworks of all time…ok, maybe second best. And here’s why.

I think of fireworks as visually thrilling, but last night’s spectacular lights over the Great South Bay added another unexpected sense:  SOUND. Watching from a rooftop deck in Saltaire, Fire Island, we were so close to the barge in the bay that we could hear every hiss and sizzle and pow-snap-pow as if the explosions […]

If your marriage lasts long enough, somebody asks you for the secrets of success.

FOR ME, IT CAME IN THIS INTERVIEW WITH HISTORYNET. What do you believe was the underlying connection between Josephine and Wyatt Earp that kept them together for half a century? Love, laughter, and respect, ladies and gentlemen, kept Josephine and Wyatt together. I think those are the not-so secret ingredients of any long-lived marriage. Happy […]

Flat Stanley and me, or what I did for love of Hannah #highereducation.

I carried Flat Stanley around for about a month; he and I had a lot of fun touring Zabars, going to the opera, and hanging out in a meeting of the CUNY Presidents. But the best was an unexpected encounter at Oregon State University Library in Corvallis, where I was  invited to tour the replica […]

My daughter heard about Whitney Houston from a Ugandan taxi driver who drove her from Kampala to Kyabirwa. “It’s a global village,” he said. #Whitneyhouston

GO GIANTS 2 — here are the very wet fab four @giants

How can adults endure living with their parents? Peter Weinberg tells the BBC all…

CHECK OUT PETER IN THE BBC! So relieved that my son doesn’t think living with his parents is shocking, shameful, or even all that inconvenient!