Dr. Petraeus teaching at Macaulay for $1, no typo there, just good will. Wonder if you know it when you see it?

Macaulay has been much in the news lately.  So here is an update: Dr. David Petraeus, our Visiting Professor of Public Policy for 2013-2014, will be teaching his honors seminar, “Are We on the Threshold of the (North) American Decade?” for an annual salary of $1 per year.   This was his decision, and it speaks to […]

That Earp Curse! I hope it didn’t follow me to Santa Barbara.

Leaving beautiful Santa Barbara this morning.  Never thought of it as setting for one of my favorite dystopia films, though Day One:  Saw the wild fires as soon as we landed, those beautiful mountains wreathed in black smoke.  By the time I arrived at the hotel, the staff was busily sweeping ash off the outdoor […]

Why Matisse repeated himself, and other stimulating questions at the Metropolitan Museum.

First Saturday night of the year for us at the Metropolitan Museum, great combo of the new Matisse exhibition and dinner upstairs, where I always sort of like being among the younger crowd in the room. Sometimes, thematic exhibitions seem like smart ways to disguise the fact that you’re exploring not the master’s greatest hits, […]

@CShirkey had the right idea about stimulating innovation in higher ed. Most academics I know don’t like shortcuts, though: they prefer to “show your work!” #thecollegeproject

“Do not put together an interdisciplinary team from 12 departments and give them a budget of a quarter of a million dollars, and a year and a half deadline. Find five people and ask them what can you do in a month—for free. I think the results will surprise you.”

A love letter to @plibin. @pachikov. The secret story of how I wrote a book in four years and 2,279 @evernote.

Dear Phil Libin, I hope it’s ok if I call you Phil, since I have been your secret admirer since October 2008.  And I hope it’s ok to write you a love letter.  (I received official dispensation from my husband of nearly 40 years.) I am the proud owner-writer-aggregator of 2,279 Evernotes. Most of them […]

Remember the British class structure? Rigid? Unwelcoming? Turns out that it’s US who are getting that way.

nytimes.com:  12 Sept 2012 Britain: British Schools Offer More Upward Mobility for Students Than American Ones, Report Says By D. D. GUTTENPLAN British schools now do a better job than American schools of lifting students up the social ladder, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said in a report published Tuesday. In Britain, a student […]

Here’s how those University of Virginia trustees’ emails became public. http://huff.to/PA3Rh3

I’m all for transparency, but this is a timely reminder  to imagine every email you write could end up on the front page of your local newspaper.  If, that is, you are lucky enough to still have a local newspaper, one that has heard of the Freedom of Information Act.  In this case, it’s remarkable […]

First interesting #NYTBR in ages…especially @JohnSchwartz on Ready Player One audiobook!

Which I just happened to finish a few weeks ago, and loved from beginning to end.  I nearly spilled my breakfast coffee this morning reading Schwartz’s article, as I assumed that I was some rare adult fan of Ernest Cline’s weird and wonderful comic dystopia, a world set mostly in a videogame.  I enjoyed the […]

Reconstituting the Ivy League in the 21st century? Nice shoutout to Fathom from Tamar Lewin @NYT. #highered

Today’s NYT coverage of the Harvard/MIT announcement. I am remembering a 2001 0r 2002 interview with a Yale student newspaper on whether Fathom was a success or failure. What year are you in? I asked the young woman.  If you had left college as a first-year student, would we call you a failure, or would […]

I just love being right. Early, yes, but that’s the thing about pioneering. Timing is everything. Fathom showed the way. #highered #macaulay

Harvard, MIT Announce Online Learning Partnership   By DENISE LAVOIE Associated Press CAMBRIDGE, Mass. May 2, 2012 (AP)   Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have joined forces to offer free online courses in a project aimed at attracting millions of online learners around the world, the universities announced Wednesday. Beginning this fall, a […]