Twitter makes me lazy. #TEDXCUNY

It’s so easy to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I mean, they don’t make me lazy, really, I do that to myself, but they do enable the soundbite that defeats any attempt at nuance or a complex message. So I’m inspired by today’s FIRST TEDX@CUNY conference to post my opening remarks.  I also do that […]

Who knew I could love Nixon? Don’t miss some of my favorite Macaulay students on Thirteen.

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Welcome Macaulay Class of 2014!

Rainy day in Central Park, but freshmen orientation got off to a great start.  Loved the poetry slam, creative, rhythmic stories delivered with passion and intelligence. Met students from every campus and many high schools — Hunter High Science, Townsend Harris, Herricks, Midwood, Molloy, Yeshiva Flatbush, La Guardia — what, no Stuy? must have been […]

Enjoy the break!

Hope the holiday brings you lots of time for friends and family, good books, good movies, good food, and time to relax.? For Macaulay students studying abroad, keep blogging and let us enjoy vicariously through your travels!