The fine art of UNFINISHING, or why I still like MOOCs.

I intend to run for 30 minutes today.  But it is hot and I stop at 25. I pick up the latest issue of The Economist, drink deeply of an article on Mandela’s legacy, marvel at a stimulating reconsideration of Ozymandias, enjoy a pointed editorial welcoming Bulgarians to the UK.  And then I flip aggressively […]

It’s good to be home.

Every since LADY AT THE OK CORRAL was published in March, 2013, I have been on the road at least several times a month.  I’ve been up and down the west coast, east coast, and a lot of stops in between.  I’m happily grounded now, at least for a while.  Here’s a few observations from […]

132 years ago: The Gunfight at the OK Corral. Why are we still talking about this today?

The OK Corral has stuck in the American psyche since October 26, 1881, when the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday strode down Tombstone’s Main Street and confronted a quartet of cowboys and ranchers near the O.K. Corral.  Less than one minute and dozens of bullets later, three men were dead. Hard to believe that anyone […]

LADY gets the trifecta of reviews: USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times!

And aren’t I the most grateful author in town?  I am, I am.  Here they are in one place…..
USA TODAY, Deirdre Donahue
“Scrumptious is the only word to describe Ann Kirschner’s Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marc…

Common Law Marriage at the frontier

In my last few talks, I’ve been asked about the history of common law marriages. 
While I was writing LADY AT THE OK CORRAL, I asked Macaulay alumnae Mary Williams (‘2012) to prepare a white paper on common law marriage.  As you will see, th…

If your marriage lasts long enough, somebody asks you for the secrets of success.

FOR ME, IT CAME IN THIS INTERVIEW WITH HISTORYNET. What do you believe was the underlying connection between Josephine and Wyatt Earp that kept them together for half a century? Love, laughter, and respect, ladies and gentlemen, kept Josephine and Wyatt together. I think those are the not-so secret ingredients of any long-lived marriage. Happy […]

That Earp Curse! I hope it didn’t follow me to Santa Barbara.

Leaving beautiful Santa Barbara this morning.  Never thought of it as setting for one of my favorite dystopia films, though Day One:  Saw the wild fires as soon as we landed, those beautiful mountains wreathed in black smoke.  By the time I arrived at the hotel, the staff was busily sweeping ash off the outdoor […]

Bringing Josephine back to Los Angeles

Looking forward to my visit to LA tomorrow.  I was at the Autry Museum a few months ago for the first time, amazing place.  This time, I’ll be visiting as part of the “Women of the West” series.  Warm thanks to Steve Aron for introducing…

Earp in the Public Eye

The Face of Josephine: Analyzing Photos with Cary Lane