Chrome cost me a week of productivity. Firefox, anyone?

Chrome kept crashing.  It has been a few months since the “Snap” message made me smile with indulgent amusement.  I was not amused. I deleted, re-installed:  same thing. So when a message popped up that my flash settings were outmoded, or something, I figured, hey!  maybe the crashes are due to that. As soon as […]

Dead malls would make great tech incubators.

There have been a spate of articles lately about dead shopping malls.  Here’s one from Green Acres. I’m a little too old to have been a teenage mall rat.  For me, the Nanuet Mall will always be the monster that ate the cute little town of Spring Valley, New York, where teenage me admired the […]

Who was your Fletcher? I’m listening to Charlie Parker and thinking about #Whiplash. You must see it.

I bet we have all had a Fletcher, someone who wanted the best from us. Or is it someone who wanted the best and got it in the worst way? Or is it someone who had absolutely no idea what our best was….and was just a sadistic bastard? I have had a few Fletchers in […]

Twitter makes me lazy. #TEDXCUNY

It’s so easy to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I mean, they don’t make me lazy, really, I do that to myself, but they do enable the soundbite that defeats any attempt at nuance or a complex message. So I’m inspired by today’s FIRST TEDX@CUNY conference to post my opening remarks.  I also do that […]

Top 10 things to listen while beach walking and you don’t have a great audiobook* This is the summer of Swell.

I usually listen to audiobooks while walking in solitary happiness on the beaches of Fire Island.  Look — i took this picture this morning, isn’t it beautiful?   So far this summer, I’ve finished Emma, Decode, and The Fault in Our Stars.  (Go ahead, analyze me.)  But I needed a break after that remarkable trio. […]

On Quality, Quantity, and Cost in #Higher Education

  You expect to pay less today for a computer than you did ten years ago.  But universities are more like media companies than computer manufacturers, so imagine if universities were subject to the same disruptive market forces as, let’s say, newspapers, what would things looks like? The Economist has three terrific articles on higher […]

Speaking of giants: Congrats, Macaulay Class of 2014 graduation!

To the Macaulay Honors College, Class of 2014 — Do you remember the first time we met, back in 2010? Under a certain giant whale? Right from the start, I knew you were something special. But I’d almost forgotten about that welcome reception at the American Museum of Natural History until we asked you a […]

Attention college students: if you want to know what to do RIGHT NOW to unlock the secrets of a successful future, click here. #highered

Today’s release of the Gallup/Purdue Index is mind-blowing in its findings — and yet they are all intuitively obvious.  All college applicants should be thinking about this, as they go about the process of selecting a college.  All college students should be testing their experience against these findings.  Unless you’re about to graduate, it’s not […]

The Confidence Gap: check this out.

A review of personnel records at Hewlett-Packard found that women applied for a promotion only when they believed they met 100 percent of the qualifications listed for the job. Men were happy to apply when they thought they could meet 60 percent of the job requirements.  

Two ends of my holiday table. #Passover

Two ends of my holiday table:  one spans nine decades, the other is approaching just nine weeks. These are the new guests at my Passover celebration tonight:  my new grandbaby and my parents, now 90 and 92.     We took note of the unexpected similarities between them.  They are much loved, and they couldn’t […]