My Carrie would never be Istanbul bureau chief. Why I am still grousing about #Homeland finale.

Homeland should have ended with Brody’s death and some lingering close-up on our Carrie and her dark future:  pregnant, out of work, her relationships shredded.

The show itself could have ended there, and that would have been fine with me.  But if we are to have the promise of another season, let’s get real about Carrie’s character.  I don’t buy the argument that she is a careerist, who just can’t resist the lure of a top bureau posting like Istanbul.  She ended the last season running away from the Langley bombing with the prime suspect.  And we are to believe that she is ready to saddle up and be the good girl? The scene with Lockhart had me cringing. This is the smarmy apparatchik who betrayed her and Saul at every turn!

I also had a bit of stomach churn at Saul’s warm bath in the private sector bubbles.  No problem with capitalism on my part, just my read of his earnest dedication to public service and some desire to see fury/revenge for being cuckolded at home and at work.

My Carrie would be permanently the Other.  I do love Istanbul, so maybe she and Saul could team up there to expose corruption at the highest levels.  Scandal meets Snowden meets Homeland?

Oh yes, and as long as we are sharing our scripts, let’s give Quinn the Baby Borg and the right to stay at home!