It’s good to be home.

Every since LADY AT THE OK CORRAL was published in March, 2013, I have been on the road at least several times a month.  I’ve been up and down the west coast, east coast, and a lot of stops in between.  I’m happily grounded now, at least for a while.  Here’s a few observations from Planet Earp:

1.  I love meeting readers, any age, shape, or accent.  Even the ones who want to argue that Josephine was anti-Semitic, or who want to argue about “who shot first” at the OK Corral.  Love ’em all.

2.  Not all book days are created equal.  Thanks to all the lovely people who drove me around….or fed me….or fixed cranky projectors…or found a quiet place for me to gather my thoughts before speaking.

3.  Highlights?  Autry Museum in LA!  Kansas City Public Library!  Tucson Book Festival!  Book Passage in Corte Madera, best indie bookstore ever!  Library of Congress!  ASU/Arizona Jewish Historical Society!  And of course, @Macaulay Honors College!  Drat, what am I forgetting?  At least another 20 wonderful places.

4.  For a duet, what could be more fun than being interviewed by Caroline Earp at the Museum of Jewish Heritage?  Or a hellaciously entertaining panel with my good pals Jeff Guinn and Bruce Dinges?

5.  Thanks to the NYT review of LADY by Sara Wheeler, I get to explain that Josephine Earp boasted “a splendid poitrine.” About 2% of the audience needs a definition. OK, so I didn’t know what it meant either…..

6.   I am also grateful for good reviews in USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal.

7.   Packing is such a chore.  Nobody seemed to notice that I wore the same red dress on Metrofocus on WNET and Book TV/CSPAN but somebody should have told me to skip the herringbone sweater on Google Authors.  Special thanks to Wayne’s in Cody, Wyoming for my favorite new boots.

8.   In any given crowd of more than 40 people, there is usually at least one person who has been to Nome, Alaska.

9.   EVERYBODY can sing the theme song from the Wyatt Earp TV show, EVERYBODY.  At least nobody tried to sing the complete version.   

10.  Acela rocks but I also now revere TSA Preferred at any airport, thank you Delta and American and United.  Came as a complete surprise to me, since I hadn’t applied for any special treatment.  Isn’t it hard to remember that once upon a time, we thought nothing of wearing shoes and carrying shampoo from curbside to gate?

Back to work, back to the kitchen, and HAPPY THANKSGIVIKUH!

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  1. mitch erickson says:

    Starting reading the book, understand you were in Nome, Alaska researching it. Wish I could have me you. I wonder if the current residents of Rampart (AK) realize they had such a cast of characters living in their community. Going to have to check.

    Mitch Erickson
    Nome, Alaska