Greatest fireworks of all time…ok, maybe second best. And here’s why.

fireworks 2013I think of fireworks as visually thrilling, but last night’s spectacular lights over the Great South Bay added another unexpected sense:  SOUND.

Watching from a rooftop deck in Saltaire, Fire Island, we were so close to the barge in the bay that we could hear every hiss and sizzle and pow-snap-pow as if the explosions were happening right in front of us.  Which they were.

The presence of the sound added a new story to the drama of fireworks, with a beginning, middle, and end to every flower of lights and sparkle. Plus a thrill of suspense, as a single rocket headed upward might transform into a huge bloom, a brilliant cascade, a random spiral of color.

wedding cake by fireworks copy


First best fireworks sans aural dimension?  that’s easy — see the wedding cake and bride and groom below!  Of course, it’s Weinberg-Stine Wedding 2010!