Dr. Petraeus teaching at Macaulay for $1, no typo there, just good will. Wonder if you know it when you see it?

Macaulay has been much in the news lately.  So here is an update: Dr. David Petraeus, our Visiting Professor of Public Policy for 2013-2014, will be teaching his honors seminar, “Are We on the Threshold of the (North) American Decade?” for an annual salary of $1 per year.
This was his decision, and it speaks to his belief that our attention should be on the educational mission of the University.  Like the best faculty, he is focused on how to support our talented students—in their research, classroom activities, and professional aspirations.
Well before his official start (which will be at the end of August), Dr. Petraeus has made himself an active part of the University community.  He met with students informally, with the Macaulay staff, and with faculty. He met with our two Rhodes Scholars, one at Oxford, and the other now an adjunct at Brooklyn College.  He offered to teach two classes at Brooklyn, and did so, last week.  He volunteered to help advise two dissertations.  In public appearances, he talked up Macaulay and its remarkable students.  He agreed to be honored at an upcoming John Jay gala for student veterans.
Beginning this fall, I know that he will bring to the classroom and the University a rare perspective drawn from decades of mentorship and leadership.
Interim Chancellor Bill Kelly joins me in expressing appreciation to Dr. Petraeus.  As he wrote this morning, “I’m delighted that discussions with General Petraeus have come to such happy closure. We’re grateful for his generosity and his commitment to the University’s mission. CUNY students will benefit mightily from his vast experience, his keen insight, and his global perspective. We look forward to welcoming him this fall.”