Blogging, posting, tweeting, emailing, Wikipedia-ing….

When my last book was published in 2006, I was an indifferent blogger. Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, Goodreads, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube were all a presence in my media consumption, but they had nothing to do with my life as a writer.

And now?  I am struggling to keep up with them all. Each of these is a distinct platform with different formats and divergent audiences, and one message does not fit all.  Readers lurk everywhere — at least I hope so!  I am having a lot of fun posting some images on Facebook, but in the next few weeks, I will be adding several more channels to push out more of the content and source material that didn’t make it into the book.

21 days to publication and there are 28 reviews by Amazon Vine readers — these are Amazon’s most faithful reviewers, who are given access to new books in advance of their official pub date.  How could I resist saying thanks to some of these early reviewers?  So count Amazon as another important channel for authors.

Good thing I like to write!


  1. Bob Patrick says:

    Mrs Kirschner…Just saw your appearance at the library regarding Josephene Earp. it was very interesting since I am a fan of the Earps and the old west. There is one thing someone asked you about holsters of that period. There are many photos of lawmen and outlaws wearing their hand guns in holsters from the time of the Civil was into the present time.

    Thanks for listening to my old guy ramblings.

    Bob Patrick aka Deadwood Bob Cowboy Action Shooter Retired…