Flat Stanley and me, or what I did for love of Hannah #highereducation.

I carried Flat Stanley around for about a month; he and I had a lot of fun touring Zabars, going to the opera, and hanging out in a meeting of the CUNY Presidents.

But the best was an unexpected encounter at Oregon State University Library in Corvallis, where I was  invited to tour the replica of Linus Pauling’s lab, complete with memorabilia that included his two Nobel Prizes, his microscope, and his blackboard covered with doodles and formulas and names.

I saw his lab coat and just could not resist tucking Flat Stanley right in the pocket.

Thanks, Jon Katz and the team at the Linus Pauling Collection!

We also went to Charleston, SC where I saw a splendid production of Arlene Hutton’s Letters to Sala, directed by Eric Nightengale.  I have gotten over the weirdly modernist experience of being a character in a play, and was happy to meet the beautiful 19 year old who did a terrific job.

If you have an unaccountable urge to see the whole thing, it’s here:  Flat Stanley


  1. Thanks for hosting the little flat guy so well. I am the creator of the Flat Stanley Project and even after all these years I still enjoy reading about the things that innovative and enthusiastic people arrange for their Flat visitors.
    Thank you for your support.