Super Bowl makes me nostalgic and hungry. #SuperBowl.

Seven live Super Bowls…some of my favorite moments:

Asking head of Broadcasting Val Pinchbeck, the night before the game, if he could add another camera on the field for  he nearly killed me.

Suing, then working with Mark Cuban on the first online audio broadcast, which we did in multiple languages on, or was it still audionet?

Being caught smoking on live television in the NBC control booth.  Was it Chris Collingsworth who gave me a cigarette to calm me down, when the IBM servers crashed during the pregame testing?  I thought that maybe nobody  would notice, until my brother in law called to ask “why was Annie smoking before a zillion people?”  I swear, not a cigarette since…..

My brother Joey convincing my dad that no, he couldn’t scalp the tickets I’d given him, and how hard it was for them to walk across the parking lot to Joe Robbie stadium without my dad making the sale.

Saying yes to my daughter when she wanted me to take her undeclared boyfriend, now husband, and #1 Giants fan to the game.

NBC hiring Donna Summers to sing “Last Dance” at their post-Super Bowl party, fearing that it was their last forever.  Good that they’re back!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the NFL would allow me to put Microsoft Internet Explorer CDs in the Super Bowl cushions — imagine, no downloads for the IE 1.0.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET party at the historical museum in New Orleans, and then the crowd spilling out into the streets of the city after the game.

Diana Ross descending from the helicopter during halftime after days of legal wrangling about the liabilities.

Whispering in the phone to find out who Roger Staubuch was, before welcoming him as our first halftime chat guest.

Taking my husband’s college roommates to the Big Game in San Diego…or was it Miami??

Sitting in the Patriots end zone at University of Phoenix stadium when Dave Tyree made that amazing catch.

The professional high I felt in Sun Devil stadium after the first Super Bowl online in 1995.  Never equalled.