Next tune-in for Chef Elisabeth on Food Network: AUG 11 9P ET ~ AUG 12 12A ET ~ Aug 18 7P ET #Chopped

Here’s where Twitter writing is useful training.

As I edited this, knowing it would feed Twitter, I reduced and reduced….like, I don’t need a headline that alerts “Anyone who missed Chopped!”

And who needs both PT and ET?  Can’t you add/subtract?

And who needs PM when you can say P?

Now I did draw the line at wasting characters on Aug 11 rather than 8.11 because the riot of numbers was getting out of hand.

So for all those days when I think Twitter is the end of civilization as we know it, today I will admit that space limitations has its benefits in keeping communication to its crisp minimum. Plus it makes for all those great parodies.

On the other hand, taking off the girdle of 140 characters feels really good too.  Just remember to substitute your own writing muscles.  (OK, enough of that metaphor, must be the result of vigorous Pilates this am.)

All this triviality on a day when the global economy is in free fall, on a day when there is rioting in London, London!  And on a day we feel the depths of grief for the families of fallen soldiers.

I should be doing something more important.

See, this is why I hate blogging.