Peter Weinberg’s first published article….why not start with an op-ed in The New York Times?

Katie Turner

I think I’d be laughing my head off even if it hadn’t been written by my son.

Check it Peter’s article about moving home after college.  Funny that with all my affection for e-reading, we all got an extra jolt of delight that it was published in the REAL PRINT NYT, Review page 7, right after (ahem) Tom Friedman.

And please send the link to ten thousand of your friends, one of whom might help him find a job!

Not that I’m worried about Peter, or about the future of other young’uns who think and write and argue with wit and clarity. It will take time, and a job search these days requires patience and hard work.  A lot harder than it used to be.

I may be the last, unrepentant champion of the liberal arts education.  The problem is that it costs a king’s ransom, hence too few people are being educated this way, not too many.  Still the best preparation for life, professional success, and yes, happiness.