Joining Professor Richard Blot’s seminar on “Friendship”

I’ll be teaching/talking/thinking aloud about FRIENDSHIP in Professor Richard Blot’s seminar on May 3 at Lehman College.  Odd how it coincides with the end of Passover and the other Yom Hashoa talks I’m giving…for my mother’s survival had so much to do with friendship.

Of the women who were with Sala for years in the camps, only two are still alive:  Sala Poznanski, who lives in Natanya, Israel and NIce, France; and Suzi Ginter, who lives in Atlantic City, NJ.

When they are together with Sala, I hear the past murmuring.  And I hear the connection to the years when they were prisoners — but young and fierce and determined to survive.

In our Passover Haggadah, my brother and I have pasted in our Aunt Raizel’s first letter to Sala in 1945, after liberation.  It is our reminder that for our mother, slavery was no metaphor.