Matinee momma

Matinee vs. evening performance?  I’ve been going to the Metropolitan Opera for a long time, but today happened to be the first time I went in the afternoon.  Took my son and his friend, both home from college, and my husband.  Good thing there was no competing football game.

Fantastic!  Instead of my usual cat nap in the first act, I was alert.  Instead of having the day’s crises and the morrow’s meetings crowding my head, I was fully absorbed into the heavy foreboding and glorious music that is Carmen.  I even got past Michela’s schmaltz to fall deeply into Don Jose’s descent into the madness of infatuation and desire.  Check out  Elina Garanca’s seduction for yourself.

Hmmmm, will have to have a conference with my long-time opera partner, Charlie, to see if I can talk him into switching from evening to weekend matinee.