Old dumb media on my iPad

Why does Vanity Fair cost $3.99 if you buy it on your iPad but $4.99 if you buy it on iTunes?

If you go to the VF site, you are invited to buy a print subscription ($1/issue if you buy annually),

Wait, why does it cost anything at all since I have a print subscription?

Or, you might wonder why I want to read it at all?  Yesterday, my pal was telling me about the Steve Rattner article, and I confess, I was hooked and wanted to read it immediately.

Why read it on the iPad?  First, saves my back not to lift the thing.  Second, no one will see that Lady Gaga is coming to the beach with me.  I promise!  I’m only reading it for the articles!

So, reader, I bought the thing, but it’s awfully annoying.  Please, won’t somebody wake up Conde Nast and declare that the 21st century has arrived?

Next up, freshmen orientation at Macaulay Honors College.