I thought I knew how to communicate reasonably well….but lately there’s a nanosecond delay while I sort out the appropriate narrative mode.

For instance, on today’s usual morning run, Harold and I were shocked to see the ocean breach just west of Kismet.? Made the Burma road ( our local term for the dirt portion of the road that connects Kismet with the paved road that goes to the Robert Moses parking lots) better for running, but a worrisome sign.

So we walked back on the beach, which was frothy and in some places, washing right up to the dunes.? It was high tide and the swells were easily ten foot plus.? We passed a group of five women doing push-ups on the sand in perfect formation.? The leader said, ten more!? Down they went, in perfect formation, and rested.? Now ten more, she urged, listen to the ocean!? And when they were face down, the water came up, and yuck, sand sandwich and a gritty shampoo.

Nearer to Saltaire, the snow fences were down, and the surfers were out.? There were knots of people on the beach, all looking out to the horizon, which made you feel like a tidal wave was headed for you at any moment. Hurricane Bill may not have been very close, but we saw the long-range impact.

Wish we’d brought a camera.? So here’s the point:? assuming the need to tell someone about this interesting morning’s walk, I could blog, tweet, facebook update, email, text, call.? Heck, I could write a book.? (Or an article, since my children would tease me about making all events into articles.)? What I actually did was exchange some verbal ooohs and aaaahs with neighbors, posted a Facebook update about the breach (as if it were a PSA), and here I am now.

I do like reading Facebook updates, though I have already turned off the feeds from? some over-eager pals.? Maybe I’m getting equally verbose and they’re turning ME off.? Tweets?? Why would anyone follow me?

Bottom line is that I? haven’t figured out what content fits with what mode.? Now THERE’S a modern dilemma.