Stephen King, do a Taylor Swift on Apple books!

Last week, Taylor Swift stared down Apple and stood up for the artists.  Didn’t take long, Apple backed down.  Rather cheerfully, I thought.  So big win for Taylor Swift and artists, and two bits for Apple.

I’ve written before about frustration with Apple watch and Audible…wish we were getting the books for free (as Apple wanted to do with music) but instead, we can’t get them at all!

Not a perfect analogy, but the time is right, new technology, new rules, happily marry the technology with the artist!



Stephen King, stare down Apple and get us audiobooks!  

Nah, i’m not going to return the Apple watch. Here’s why.

IMG_2008 I bought it with the dream of walking on the beach and listening to audiobooks.

Well, it can’t do that.

So I really thought about returning my now two-week-old Apple watch.

But on balance, I have decided that its other tricks are sufficiently entertaining.

And besides, it’s summer, and I enjoy having a lightweight replacement for my regular watch.

Here’s what I use most, in order of frequency:

Texts:  as in, now I answer them promptly.  Since the only people who text me are my family and close friends, the text is usually reasonably important.  And since I am comfortable talking to my wrist (see Great Dictator), my texts are not only timely but reasonably informative.

Calendar alert:  I actually like the haptics, the little electronic cattle prod with which the watch sends an alert.  It takes a while to reduce the number of potential notifications to just a few.  That’s important.  Otherwise, you will find yourself, as I did, breaking faith with Chris Pratt in Jurassic World because the watch had to tell me that Karl-Anthony Townes was NBA draft pick #1 by the Timberwolves.  Really?  Should I care?  But knowing that my next appointment is 15 minutes away IS awfully useful.  I like the discreetness with which I am set up for promptness, not one of my strong suits.  By the way, remember to set your watch to “do not disturb” during movies!Chris Pratt

Heart rate:  you can get a bit obsessive about this, but I do like seeing my heart rate drive to 150 during a run, and then settle back around 60.

Timer:  setting the pasta pot on to boil and then leaving the kitchen, and its timer, always made me a bit chef-anxious.  So now I use the watch to set various deadlines.

Stand:  at first I thought it was ridiculous.  I’d never obey a watch’s command that it was time to stand.  But now when the fitness monitor declares that I’ve been sedentary too long, I listen and yes, I do (mostly) get up and walk around.

Running/walking/cycling:  Just watch me rack up those miles!

Phone triage:  maybe I don’t have to talk to you right now?  I promise to call you back….but in the meantime, the watch has given me a sneak peak and I am now entirely relaxed about not taking your call right now.  Or, I am properly panicked into picking up the phone.  This feature would be higher on the list but I am not a big mobile phone user.

So that’s it.  Now that I’ve invested in a second watch charger, I know this is mine for a while.  Time will tell if it’s a summer fling.

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