Early days of nfl.com and how I made my first touchdown

OK, so it’s not all about NFL….but I found this today, while looking for something else, and it is a mostly accurate and fun account of how WE BUILT THE INTERNET.  For sports, anyway, move over Al Gore….

Stephen King, do a Taylor Swift on Apple books!

Last week, Taylor Swift stared down Apple and stood up for the artists.  Didn’t take long, Apple backed down.  Rather cheerfully, I thought.  So big win for Taylor Swift and artists, and two bits for Apple.

I’ve written before about frustration with Apple watch and Audible…wish we were getting the books for free (as Apple wanted to do with music) but instead, we can’t get them at all!

Not a perfect analogy, but the time is right, new technology, new rules, happily marry the technology with the artist!



Stephen King, stare down Apple and get us audiobooks!  

Nah, i’m not going to return the Apple watch. Here’s why.


I bought it with the dream of walking on the beach and listening to audiobooks. Well, it can't do that. So I really thought about returning my now two-week-old Apple watch. But on balance, I have decided that its other tricks are … [Continue reading]

The truth about Apple and audiobooks


This story does not (yet) end happily. I knew I'd buy an Apple watch...but my rationalization was that it would consolidate my other wearables for audiobooks and fitness. For books, I'd buy the watch so I could finally give up my ancient and … [Continue reading]

Perfect pitch at Yankee Stadium


Dylan's first baseball game. The weather was glorious. Got to shake hands and congratulate Manuel Espinoza, who rode American Pharaoh to Triple Crown victory the day before. Had the best hot dog ever. And oh yes, the Yankees won, 5 - … [Continue reading]

Happy birthday, Sala of Sala’s Gift, Sala of Letters to Sala, and real Sala, my mom.


For those who know her as a character in a book or play, my mother is an idea and an inspiration. For my family and me, she's our real SALA and our beloved mother and grandmother and greatgrandmother. All those Salas come together in notes from … [Continue reading]

Turns out, I’m addicted to Chrome. #needintervention

I did have a quick rebound relationship with Firefox.  (Got to change this analogy, it's kinda creepy, I agree.) But it turns out that my iPad is more important than I realized.  If I made a piechart of my online usage, i'd now say that … [Continue reading]

But-but-but Firefox is helpless on iPads. What now?


Turns out that Eric Limer and I must have been having the same Chrome moment.  (thanks, Carie, for pointing this out!).  As he put it on Gizmodo just this week, F* it, I'm going back to Firefox.  And that great graphic, see above! But he is … [Continue reading]

Chrome cost me a week of productivity. Firefox, anyone?


Chrome kept crashing.  It has been a few months since the "Snap" message made me smile with indulgent amusement.  I was not amused. I deleted, re-installed:  same thing. So when a message popped up that my flash settings were outmoded, or … [Continue reading]

Dead malls would make great tech incubators.


There have been a spate of articles lately about dead shopping malls.  Here's one from Green Acres. I'm a little too old to have been a teenage mall rat.  For me, the Nanuet Mall will always be the monster that ate the cute little town of Spring … [Continue reading]